Heating Sorted

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Heating Sorted

Postby DavidS » Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:18 pm

Heating Sorted.

Since we aquired our Fleetwood Volante 560-4, we love it. The conveneience of having Two beds ready just to crawl into, no cushions or backrests to move & store.
My only concern was the amount of time which the Alde Heating took to circulate round the van.
Best part of 1/2 Hr. Being a retired Plumber/Heating engineer, I was convinced we had a circulating problem.
Having Googled & read lots of articles on Alde Heating, I decide one of the new Alde inline pumps might be the answer.
I then contacted Alde who said that with my boiler being older the new pump wasn`t compatible, but they gave me a number to contact of the gentleman who services the older boilers.
I duly contacted Mr Cutmore an ex alde service engineer who said, he didn`t see why the pump couldn`t be fitted.
After speaking to Bill who repaired our van when it was written off, he said how do you use the heating.
I said as we usually use CL`s with Hook ups I just switch it on to electric & leave it.
Bill said use the Gas for the first half hour. The Electric on mine is a max of 2 Kilowatts,
the gas is approx 6.5Kilowatts, therefore a quicker heat up time.
Tried it when I got home the system was warm in less than 10min.
Heating Sorted.

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